Hi, I'm Nikhita!

Nikhita is an Interactive Design student at Kennesaw State University. As a detailed-oriented person who has a passion for creating seamless easy-to-use technology, User-Experience/Interactive Design became the ideal match for them.

My Story

The second question people ask when getting to know you, after "what's your name?", is "Where are you from?". This question is hard for me as I've never felt like I had a hometown. I would usually default to saying I was born in California, but I moved a lot in my childhood. Which would then lead to being asked if I was in a military family; I'm not. Despite the shortcomings of constantly moving, it largely shaped who I am today. I got to experience different cultures and social norms, of which I may have never known otherwise.

When deciding on a career path I knew I wanted to be able to streamline technology, whilst still staying in the design field. This led me to where I am today, studying Interactive Design at KSU.

Looking forward, I hope to make technology technology more accessible.